Monday, 11 June 2012


For securing Jobs with fake claims including forged certificates, 3,000 persons in Oyo state civil service have been fired.

The government in a statement Media aide to the governor, Dr Festus Adedayo claimed the maintained that those affected ran out of their engagement deposition, hence cannot be retained in the workforce  to save integrity of the service.

The government catalogue the offences to include age falsification, falsified certificates, and ghost workers who had no letter of appointment or who were retired but were still on the payroll of government, as well as staff who possessed outstanding disciplinary cases against them.

The government explained that it worked on the inherited rationalisation list from Adebayo Akala government who provided a audited staff list who have contravenedtheir rules of engagement to the Oyo State government.

The release said after giving the indicted staff fair hearing and review the consultant's reports, and asertained adherence to due process after which those culpable were fired and those exonerated kept in the service.

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