Thursday, 27 October 2016

2 Lesbians Nabbed And paraded In Alihami Agbor Delta State Lesbians Nabbed And paraded In Alihami Agbor Delta State

Two female lovers lesbians Were caught and stripped naked by the Local vigilantes in Alihami Agbor in Delta State on Tuesday 25th October 2016.

Miss Rita 28 years old Michael was caught at 4.10pm With Miss Jennifer Uche Having sexual intercourse in a one room apartment which belongs to Jennifer's sister.

Since same sex relationship was Considered as abomination, the vigilantes Local Dragged the lesbian lovers to a prominent native Dr. Mrs. Esusu-Ujeh Eborma native concussion on who administered them.

The two lesbians purportedly started naming Their female lovers as well as telephone numbers Their disclosing.

Meanwhile all those being Involved in same sex scandal are being being Detained by security agents since same sex marriage is illegal in Nigeria.

The two culprits Have Agreed to perform all traditional rites and cleansing for Violating Norms and Their tradition of the local community while the government authority handling the matter.