Thursday, 14 June 2012


There was total confusion at the North campus of the Polytechnic Ibadan today as no fewer than six cars packed by their owners were stolen before dawn.
The vehicles according to our man included three Honda cars, Honda CRV, Primera and Peugeot and belonged to residents of Apete community who sought refuge inside the polytechnic to pack their vehicles owing to the ongoing construction of the connecting bridge.
The car thieves were suspected to have arrived the campus yesterday evening and waited till all car owners had packed and left before starting their operations.
They were said to be more than twelve in numbers
They were however unsuccessful on their attempt at taking away another Toyota Camry belonging to Tade Oludayo of Silverbird Communications and another Toyota CRV though their doors and ignition were badly vandalised.
The stolen vehicles belonged to residents of Apete community owing to the construction of the bridge connecting the community to the mainstream hinterland.
Many protests have been staged for the government to provide access roads but all seems to have fell on deaf ears as the Ologuneru road as become impassable with growing attack on car owners owing to insecurity.
The Polytechnic Ibadan has therefore become packing hub for residents who then have to pack their cars around the Olori Annex students’ hall, Rector Lodge and beside the pedestrian gate linking the Polytechnic with Apete.
Owing to the invasion of their campus by Apete car owners, the polytechnic Ibadan Security unit usually run out of Tally cards and usually allow cars into the campus, without any tally.
Those who lost their cars were left in disbelief as they searched even the gutters to be sure their cars had been stolen.
The residents of the community have therefore called on the state government to make the Ajibode access road motorable to reduce insecurity in the area as well as increase security patrol of the area.

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