Monday, 1 July 2013

Red Sunday: 11 Burnt To Death In Ibadan

No fewer than 11 people were today (Sunday 31st)  burnt to death in an auto crash which occurred at the Macmillan area, few metres before Soka bust stop along Ibadan/Lagos Expressway.

The accident which occurred in the afternoon involved a commercial Mazda bus was coming from Ogido in Ogun State and heading towards Beere in Ibadan to attend a Wolimat programme of a family member

Most of the victims were dressed in a uniformed Ankara for the occasion.

The bus, according to an eyewitness, the propeller of the bus pulled away and hit a fuel tank, catching flame in the process.

The driver of the bus in an attempt to save the situation veered off the road to hit a sand by the side of the road and came to a halt.

The driver of the bus and the two passengers at the front escaped but others were not so luck as the side door of the bus was locked. 

The occupants were reported to have been struggling with one another to escape, and in the process unconsciously disturbed one another from getting out, resulting in the high number of casualty in the bus.

The eleven casualties that died in the accident were eight adults and three children while 13 people including the driver sustained various degree of burns injuries were taken to the Adeoyo Hospital and UCH, Ibadan.

Confirming the incident to the Assistant Corp Commander and Unit Commander Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Oluyole Ibadan/Lagos toll gate, Mr Adeoye Sanya, said "the FRSC were informed of the accident around 1.00p.m that an Ibadan bound bus from Lagos was involved in an accident.

"According to an eyewitness, the propeller of the bus was reported to have pull, hitting the fuel tank along the line and catch flame. Having looked around, the driver resulted into hitting a trip of sand by the side of the expressway but that didn’t save the situation."However, I can confirm to you that the bus was badly loaded and from the report of the victims-both survivals and the dead-13 injured and 11 were burnt to death, the claim can be established. The driver is among the four male victims taken to the Adeoyo Hospital while nine others seven adults and two children were taken to the University College Hospital (UCH)."

Sanya said after being informed of the development, the quick intervention of FRSC officers led to the rescue of some of the victims to the hospitals.

The remains of the 11 victims were taken away in sacks by the men of the FRSC in two vans with registration number FRSC 522 RS and FRSC 525 RS trucks around some minutes after three O clock.

Meanwhile, a middle aged man among one of the onlookers at the scene collapsed when men of the FRSC were pulling out the scar bodies from the bus. It took the intervention of some of his colleagues who poured water on to revive him back to life.

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