Monday, 3 September 2012

Lagos ACN Blasts President Jonathan on Boast of Capturing South West

The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has described President Goodluck Jonathan’s boast that the PDP will take over the South West states in upcoming elections as laughable hallucination borne out of acute political ignorance. It rather insists that Nigerians will do away with the nuisance the PDP has constituted in thirteen years of awful leadership that has wrecked the country by 2015,

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party says that while it sees the need to inflate the sagging hopes of what remains of the South West PDP, boasting of winning the South West with the kind of mediocre leadership Jonathan has demonstrated since he became president is the height of political ignorance. It advices the president to rather seek ways of restoring the confidence of Nigerians to his capacity to steer the wobbly Nigerian state and not make vague political boasts that are in clear contrast to the political reality on ground,

“We feel that time has come for the president to measure his words and ensure they conform to reality rather than making awkward and contradictory statements that have greatly devalued the worth of the Jonathan presidency in the eyes of Nigerians. We feel embarrassed that Nigerians have come to attach less value to the words of their president and that marks the shrinking of worth that has hit the Jonathan presidency since it berthed.

“Perhaps Jonathan and his PDP are so stuck in the art of conning unmerited power through shameless electoral manipulation but he needs to be tutored that the PDP, with its notorious leadership in the center for the past harrowing thirteen years and its hazardous feel at power in the South West, is a relic that has been consigned to the dustbin of history as far as the politics of the South West is concerned. We may not be surprised that this president does not know the intricacies of politics in the South West but he needs to be tutored on the fact that PDP is an aberration in the South West and this they redoubtably proved when it was forced on the region till the period it was shamefully thrown out of power in the region.

“We know that this president and his party are apostles of power without responsibility and he may honestly nurse the dream that with its barren outing in the last thirteen years which has crumbled the sixth largest oil producer in the world to a land of seamless suffering and penury, PDP can ‘win’ any election by merely wishing and deploying its notorious rigging power. By this, the president is demonstrating his well known bare understanding of politics and issues, which informs his woeful performance as president so far. In this, he is at home with the clowning club of frustrated political speculators called South West PDP who are now laughable parodists in their desperate search for relevance.

“We want to lecture President Jonathan and his storm tossed band called South West PDP that wishing for a PDP comeback in the South West is tantamount to a curse, which the people of the South West has outlived and would never ever be afflicted with again. We want to let him know that the PDP in the South West is a dying group of parodists whose false rise to relevance through election rigging has been successfully frustrated by the people of the South West. We want to let him know that what remains of South West PDP is a bunch of political featherweights who have no known political base and who have turned into bitter vendors of puerile gossips and acidic propaganda with the hope this will curry political relevance to it.

“But above all, we urge Jonathan to strive to make a meaning from the presidency he covets instead of always struggling to make awkward statements that belittle the presidency. We want him to concentrate on giving Nigerians something to take away from his barren regime instead of engaging in wild political hallucinations that would lead to nowhere. We want him to realize that Nigerians are presently united by how to ensure that his regime, which Nigerians see as a huge obstacle to their progress, is democratically offloaded to give way for the start of the quest to recover Nigeria. President Jonathan must know the minds of Nigerians to the fact that the PDP has become a noxious burden, which Nigerians are desperate to offload and that by 2015, PDP and its negative values that have wrecked Nigeria will become history.”

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