Monday, 13 August 2012


US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton met on Thursday at State House, Abuja with President Goodluck Jonathan as part of her African tour of Nations

Flying in from South Africa, Mrs Clinton arrived the Presidential Villa about 3.50pm and was immediately ushered into a closed door session at the President's office

She later met with the National Security. Council at the President's conference room where it was expected she discussed the nation's security challenges and its response to the terrorist threat that had placed the country under a cloud

But emerging from the closed door session, Mrs Clinton did not speak on issues of security but chose to pledge US support for reform efforts especially in the fight against corruption and more transparency in government business

Mrs Clinton's interaction with the media after the meetings at the Presidential Villa are a bland script probably belying the serious discussions that went on behind closed doors

She came out with hands in gloves speaking glowingly about commitment of the United States and the Obama Administration to partnership with Nigeria, especially the bi National commission  which she said had helped  to expand and deepen cooperation on full range of issues.

The US government she said would work closely with Nigeria on economic matters,the improvement of productivity in agriculture,education and health, security, diversification of the economy and so much more

It provided President Jonathan the opportunity to thank the US for its moral and technical support to INEC as well as its assistance to government in ensuring that it conducted elections that national and international observers declared  as free and fair. 

The President noted that the support of the Obama adminIstration in the turbulent times when the late President Umaru Musa Yar'adua was ill was crucial in stabilizing the country. 

The Nigerian President mentioned in passing that issues of security, economy were discussed at this meeting but the gloves remained on and cordiality reigned supreme

But that might not remain the status quo for too long considering that the US Secretary of State was scheduled to  meet with Nigerian Anti-Corruption Leaders at the residence of the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Terence McCulley and in such gatherings the gloves could very well come off

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