Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Telecommunication Sector Has Only Managed 60 Percent Penetration Of Nigerian Terrain Despite Perceived Success - Minister Of Communication Technology Omobola Johnson

The Minister of Communication Technology, Omobola Johnson on Tuesday, briefed the President on the performance of her Ministry posting an appalling 16 percent utilization of funds appropriated under the 2012 budget
Briefing newsmen at State House, Abuja after her session with the President Mrs Johnson also made some startling revelations about what was hindering ICT in Nigeria from attaining full potentials
The Communication Technology Ministry was created by President Jonathan last year to underscore the importance he places on this sector for transforming Nigeria into a major player on the globe 
But the slow pace of implementation of the 2012 budget shows anything but a Ministry ready to transform an economy as what was primed to be a presentation laced with technical jargon only revealed a Ministry that had largely under performed

Mrs Johnson explains that this is because of the complexity of the projects being implemented most of which will be completed next year and have been provided for in the 2013 budget
The Communications Technology Minister also corrects certain impressions about the telecommunications Industry noting that in spite of its seeming success it has only achieved sixty percent penetration of the country's terrain
She stresses that provision of infrastructure is the major problem in the industry and this is being addressed with a fund that has been put in place and emphasis on private sector participation
The Communications Technology Minister cleverly avoided answering questions about how much funds had accrued to the Federal Government coffers through charges, penalties and fees as if they did not form part of performance indicators 
The Communications Technology Minister is however confident that with the policies and delivery of sixteen projects currently under construction, there will be a dramatic transformation of ICT in Nigeria in the years to come

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