Wednesday, 15 August 2012

London Olympic Flop; Lagos ACN Demands For Immediate Probe of Sport Ministry and Other Public Sectors.

In the wake of the scandalous failure of the Nigerian Olympic team in the just concluded London Olympics, the Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has called for a full scale investigation into the farcical and the possible sack of top officials of the Sports Ministry. The party says a situation where public officials preside over huge official rots and are allowed to stay in office bodes more resounding disaster for the country if the trend is not checked.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party said that Nigeria’s failure to feature in the comprehensive medal outing despite the huge fund spent for the outing which turned out to be a wasteful jamboree.  It insists that the operations of all federal ministries and parastatals must be thoroughly cleansed to avoid similar national embarrassments in the future.

“For the avoidance of doubts, what happened during the Olympics is not an isolated case. Our failure at the Olympics is a micro picture of the general state of rot and decay that continues to ravage Nigeria, especially in the last thirteen years of corrupt, insensate and mediocre PDP governance. The failure of the sports ministry is writ large in all the ministries and speaks of the geometric decline the country and all its sectors suffer at present. We see this type of failure in every sector of the country; be it roads, health, electricity, petroleum, education, agriculture, security among all other public sectors in Nigeria.

“We believe that the Olympic flop is outstanding because it happened in the full glare of the world and in competition with other nations of the world. It is so glaring because the failure could be readily measured from the outing of other nations, who did not go to the games with even half our contingent or spent a fraction of the money we wasted on that exercise. But we all know that it is not removed from the general picture of things in Nigeria at present where virtually every sphere and sector of Nigerian life at present.

“Lagos ACN wants the sordid outing at the Olympics to be a starting point towards addressing the thick stench of decay and rot that is threatening to eat away the life of the country at present. We want a comprehensive probe of the embarrassing Olympic outing to kick start more detailed probes of the activities of the Sports Ministry and such other ministries as Works, Education, Petroleum, Agriculture, Power,  Industries, Health, Transport, Environment, Justice, and infact all federal ministries where the impression is gaining deep roots that yearly budgets are shared out among ministry top officials.

“On the Olympic flop, we want a deep probe into the level and depth of preparations that go into Nigeria’s participation in any sporting event so as to determine if such is germane for the country’s often expensive participation in any competition. We charge the government to put in place a durable sporting template that would be trusted to discover, prepare and adequately train Nigerians for any competition and we make this recommendation in view of the continued decline of Nigerian sports that had seen the country eliminated in all major sporting competitions especially in the last one year.

“We demand such comprehensive, actionable probes of all federal parastatals where Nigerians feel nothing more than official stealing take place. We demand that such probes must be acted upon and a credible anti-corruption template be put in place to stem the overwhelming rot that is presently looming over the conduct of official business in Nigeria.

“Lagos ACN charges the Jonathan regime to sit up and arrest the current geometric decline of Nigeria, as exemplified by the sordid London Olympic outing, by ensuring that incompetent operatives of his government are fired and replaced with competent and credible people that are trusted to arrest the current slide of the country. We want quick and decisive action on the steady decline the country is experiencing in every sector of governance and we believe that time has come for Nigerians to stand up and demand for the arrest of that decline from those that govern them.”

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