Thursday, 30 May 2013

Democracy Day In Retrospect

President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday launched a 200 page midterm report on his administration urging critic to judge his performances using impartial parameters

Contrary to expectations, the analysis on performances of the Administration was left to the most influential members of the President's Cabinet while all he did was launch the document

For the first time since the Jonathan administration came on board it is rolling out an elaborate ceremony to mark democracy day reflecting its confidence in the fact that it has performed well  

The administration however sprung a surprise on Nigerian as Goodluck Jonathan did not speak extensively as was expected as that chore was left to the President's eloquent key men and their assessment.

Rubbishing speculations that he would soon execute a major cabinet change, the President rose in defence of his most maligned men, insisting that contrary to opinion they had made invaluable contributions to the success story of his administration in just 2 years.

And this is why he challenges critics to base their assessment on an impartial set of criteria rather than their personal feelings.

Curiously many of those who have graced this occasion agree that government has performed creditably in the last two years, they point out however that the problem is that not enough information has gone around about what government is doing.

A good scorecard but despite all the selling the curios thing is that security which government spent almost a trillion Naira on in the past year has been curiously left out of this mid term assessment report.

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