Monday, 22 October 2012

Tai Solarin’s Widow, Sheila, Unsong Martyr

Sir Olawale Okunniyi a frontline political activist in the country and Ogun state Leader of CPC has described the passing of Sheila Mary Solarin (nee Tuer), 82, the widow of Late Dr. Tai Solarin, one of Nigeria’s foremost educators and agitators for social justice, as a devastating blow to the growing army of aspiring youths and masses in the country

Okunniyi in a 7 paragraph condolence message on Monday in Lagos, recalled his various encounters and relationship with both Tai and Sheila Solarinin especially in the course of his enduring political activism and during his student’s days and described the Solarins as a great influence and inspiration to his political career 

The coordinator of the June 12 Movement in Nigeria however regretted that Sheila’s indefatigable role for the restoration of civil rule in Nigeria in 1999 was unsung though “she was among the very few mainstay of the mass action in Nigeria at that time; working relentlessly in alliance with our movement from the Ogun axis”

The CPC Governorship candidate in Ogun State in the last general elections also said the late Sheila was a compassionate and committed person in her cause, adding that she was also a disciplinary per excellence with whom her late husband, Tai founded and managed successfully the foremost Mayflower School in Ikenne, Ogun State, where they both trained and produced some of the best hands and citizens for the country 

“At this glorious but regrettable exit of the true mother of the impoverished people of Nigeria, we wish to solemnly celebrate the unwavering resilience of the English-born, martyr  Sheila who was a dependable ally of her husband with whom she spent a lifetime fighting as a voice and defender of the downtrodden Nigerian masses

The Nigerian progressives and the aspiring army of youths will obviously miss a great deal of the inspiration, which comes with the usual solidarity of an impetus like Mrs. Solarin, who, though was not a Nigerian by birth, but became a pillar of encouragement for the Nigerian people at different times in the struggle for the well being of the Nigerian masses” 

Okunniyi however gave his deepest commiseration for the devastating exit of Sheila to her two children, Corin and Tunde as well as the entire Mayflower Family and Prof Wole Soyinka, whom he said was one of Sheila’s greatest allies in the struggle for the welfare of the mass of Nigerian people

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