Thursday, 24 October 2013

AYECCI Hosts Eko Challenge Season 1

 African Youth Empowerment and Change Initiative (AYECI Inc.) in collaboration with the Lagos State Government proudly presents The EKO CHALLENGE Season 1. A fierce 2 days football match between Lagos State Government Agencies at the Ultra-Modern Agege Stadium, Lagos on the 26th – 27th October, 2013. 
Participating Team



African Youth Empowerment and Change Initiative (AYECI Inc.)was ounded in 2009 and based in Lagos, Nigeria, AYECI Inc. is a leading non-profit social development organization working to facilitate access to education, empowerment and enabling opportunities for young people, women and their communities to enable them realize their full potential. 

The Event is Promoted under the NGO's Educate-a-Community Literacy Project is an intervention that responds to the critical problem of illiteracy and the corresponding high-risk it creates in the lives of people and their communities. 

The project works to help communities educate their non-literate populations. Partnering with development organizations the project delivers community-based basic and functional literacy skill training (health, financial, environmental, technology literacy etc.) as well as work to sustainably promote the efforts of these organizations in the host communities.

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