Saturday, 12 October 2013

African Leaders Considers Mass Pull Out From The ICC

The AU is considering a mass withdrawal of its member states from the ICC further to its complaints that the court seems to be bent on persecuting leaders of African states.

The Extra ordinary summit is a fallout of the insistence of the International Criminal Court to prosecute both President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and his Deputy William Ruto in spite of the implications it may have on the leadership of the country.

It was a subject of lively debate during President Jonathan's 3- day state visit to KENYA last month especially as the Kenyan National Assembly was called back from recess to vote on the withdrawal of the country's membership from the ICC and the Nigerian leader could not resist wading into the discourse.

Clearly from President Jonathan's posture he is ready to vote in favour of Africa's mass withdrawal from the ICC. 

It is the first time Nigeria has been embroiled in controversy over  the International Criminal court as charges were filed against it earlier this year for allowing Sudanese President Omar al Bashir to attend the Abuja plus 12 summit and return to his country without being arrested despite a bench warrant out against him for war crimes.

Kenya's shuttle democracy across the African continent has been aimed at getting more African countries to support its cause.

The East African country has already taken the first step by withdrawing its membership of the ICC.

Nevertheless, the ICC is insisting that the trials of President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto will go ahead. 

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