Friday, 28 June 2013

NGF Factions Talk Across The Divide At National Economic

Drama between the 2 factions of the Nigeria Governors Forum continued on Thursday, at the National Economic Council meeting at State House, Abuja.

Moving away from controversy, State House protocol did not make provision for the seat of Chairman of the NGF preferring that Governors sit according to alphabetical order.

This should be a pistols at dawn scenario but the Presidency has taken pains to defuse the situation.

For now it is not recognizing anyone as Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum and all Governors are sitting according to alphabetical order.

This is the first time all Governors will come together to deliberate after the May incident which divided the NGF down the middle.

Understandably there would be awkwardness between the players on both sides of the divide.

But there was the genuine effort to talk across the divide and explain positions that had been taken.

The implication is that this meeting may eventually close the yawning gap that has opened up between both factions.

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