Monday, 28 January 2013

House Of Representatives Moves To Investigate Influx, Sales, Distribution And Consumption Of Caffeinated Energy Drinks

The House of Representatives on Tuesday mandated the Committees on Health and Commerce to conduct an investigation into the importation, distribution, sales and health implications of the un-regulated consumption of caffeinated energy drinks by Nigerians.

The resolution follows a motion moved by Hon. Dayo Bush-Alebiosu which called for the investigations on the health implications associated with the consumption of Caffeinated Energy Drinks in Nigeria due to the worrying rate of victims of caffeine-induced death and health disorders.

Hon. Bush-Alebiosu while presenting the motion argued that there is the need to check the dangers of consumption of Energy drinks to un-suspecting Nigerians, especially the adolescent and youth bracket of the population who in search of a push to perform an activity, rely solely on these stimulants called drinks which have negative effects on the well-being of their health status.

He remarked that it is not just the caffeine that the experts worried about. These drinks often contain a cocktail of herbs and other substances like ginseng, taurine and guarana, a coffee-like bean which ingeniously adds to the caffeine aggregate even though it's not counted. How these other ingredients interact with caffeine is not well studied. We do know that alcohol and energy drinks are a dangerous and sometimes lethal mix. Young men appear to be the most frequent consumers of the brightly coloured beverages, which often contain high amounts of caffeine.

“We need to ensure better health standards for Nigerians of all grades who out of sheer ignorance, consume these drinks without knowing full health implications.” Hon. Bush-Alebiosu noted.

 The lawmaker who is also the Chairman of the House Committee on Treaties and Agreements told the house that the alarming statistics on the consequences of consuming these drinks without knowing the effects on their health must be checked and the lawmakers have a duty as enshrined in the constitution to safeguard and protect the people of Nigeria.


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