Friday, 27 July 2012

The Seamless Transition In Ghana And The Lessons

On Tuesday July 24 2012, the President of Ghana , His Excellency Professor Fifi Atta Mills died unexpectedly at the age of 68. On that fateful day death robbed Africa one of its finest souls, leaving Ghanaians and other Africans to weep for the departed. I am told that late Prof Atta Mills was a great President, a good man and a disciplined leader, who added serious values to Ghana politics. Under his leadership Ghana was repositioned in Africa and world politics, showing the way forward in matters of free and fair election and peaceful co-existence among the tribes in Ghana . Africans and the world have indeed lost a gentle and peaceful President who was not carried away by the pecks of office. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Professor Atta Mills died on Tuesday July 24 2012 and in less than 24 hours Ghana had a seamless transition, making way for the vice President Mr John Dramani Mahama to become the President in line with the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Ghana. This is a lesson for Nigeria . In 2010 when President Yar’Adua of Nigeria became incapacitated and incapable to continue to rule Nigeria as President, a cabal took over the country and refused the Vice President from taking over leadership as prescribed by the constitution of the Federal Republic . We are all witnesses to the shenanigans, the rigmaroles, the intrigues, lies and blatant lies that took over the political landscape then.

Under our very eyes, we saw senior police officers, army officers, other security agencies, senior citizens and even former Heads of State with full dose of western education and people who should know better compromising the constitution of Nigeria for selfish reasons. We witnessed the compromising of all Nigeria ’s security apparatus just for the sake of greed. We saw meretricious mediocres at work, holding a country of 150 million people hostage until they have stolen enough billion for themselves and their cronies. The nitwits and scoundrels did not stop there, they told us that President Yar’Adua was seen walking on along the lawns in Aso Rock exchanging banters with associates, promising to get to his desk as soon as possible. Even on a life support machine, the brigands told us that the late President signed documents. The day the late President arrived Abuja the celebrated rogues of Nigeria put off all the lights in Abuja International Airport just to perfect their evil machinations. It was the day troops were deployed in Abuja International Airport without the approval of the Acting President of Nigeria.

It took the intervention of the Civil Society and some concerned Nigerians to make the thieves to pay attention. It took a fierce battle on the streets of Lagos and Abuja to stop the brigandage. Till date nobody knows how much the cabal used President Yar’Adua predicament to steal from national treasury. Nobody can really say what transpired between the time Yar’Adua became incapacitated and the time he was certified dead.

Ghana has taught us another lesson in leadership and democracy. There is nothing that is in short supply in Nigeria – a good weather, good soil, good water, good air, and even world class professionals etc. The only thing that is in short supply is committed men and women that will drive the process that will lead Nigeria to greatness. I pray that one day this cup shall pass away making way for good people to emerge as leaders.

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