Friday, 18 May 2012


Rivers State Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has visited the scene where an explosive device inside a bus went off on Thursday, killing the driver and injuring the two other occupants of the bus. The bus exploded around the Rumuokoro Roundabout in Port Harcourt
Governor Amaechi at the scene of the explosion allayed fears that the bus explosion could have been a terror attack.
“All of you can act as eyewitnesses that what you have here is not a bomb explosion, what you have here is an attempt by three men to go and rob; we don’t know where they were heading to, where they were going to rob but in their vehicle they had an explosive device, a dynamite.
“We suspect they must be smoking to have ignited the dynamite and the commissioner of Police confirmed that there was even a lady who was selling by the side of the road and the lady was not even affected; no building was affected. There is no crater here to show that there was a bomb device; there is no crater, no damage on the road, just the bus”, Amaechi said.
Governor Amaechi further said, “because of the bulletproof doors you have in banks some of them(robbers) carry dynamites if they want to rob banks. So obviously you can see that it is not a bomb device, it was just a mere explosive”.

“That is why I have to come here myself to confirm to the world and confirm to Rivers people that the security system in Rivers State is working, the Commissioner of Police and all others are at alert and we will not allow any terrorist action in Rivers State”.
The Rivers State Governor reassured that the lives and properties of all Rivers people and other residents in the state would always be protected.
Items recovered from the scene of the bus explosion included four AK47 rifles and AK47 ammunition that were obviously destroyed in the explosion.

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