Monday, 19 March 2012


The National Commandant of the Peace Corps of Nigeria Ambassador Dickson Akoh has debunked the story that his organization is collecting the sum of 30 thousand naira to recruit some youths into the organization in Anambra state.
The National Commandant made this clearification after meeting with the Secartary to the Anambra state Government, where he said that Peace Corps of Nigeria is different from the National Unity and Peace Corps, which was proscribed by the Federal Ministry of Interior in 2009.
Ambassador Akoh went further to give explanation on the demand for 30 thousand naira made by the organization.
On the recriutment exercise in Anambra state and the crisses that trailed the exercise, the National Commandant, Dickson Akoh said it was expected as some people who their wards were not shortlisted among the two thousand five hundred youths that qualified for the exercise have the tendency to misrepresent the organization.

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