Thursday, 15 March 2012

Mrs Aregbesola Urges Massive Enrollment of Girls In School

Mrs Aregbesola Urges Massive Enrollment of Girls In School

Massive enrolment of girl child in school has been described as a panacea to the issue of disparity between male and female in the society.
This was disclosed by the wife of the Governor of the state of Osun, Mrs Sherifat Aregbesola at this year’s International Women’s Day organised by the State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development in Osogbo today.
In her keynote address, the wife of the governor opined that the best way to liberate the girl child mind is to ensure that she is adequately equipped with qualitative education to withstand future challenges.
She disclosed further that the society contributed immensely to the problem of the girl child and must be part of the solution, by creating an enabling environment for her to excel educationally, socially and economically.
She urged government and individuals to ensure that the girl child is allowed to assess education without any form of hindrance in order to balance the inequality between the two sexes.
“Although, in our schools the enrolment of the girl child in school is encouraging, but it is not all of them that are in school, to this end, more vigorous efforts should be geared towards ensuring that 99.9% of our girls are enrolled in schools. 
Enrolling them is not enough, but government should ensure that quantitative and qualitative education is imbibed in them.
Adequate education is the tool through which human capacity development can be achieved, this would go a long way in liberating the mind of the girl child, as well as equip her with the necessary tool to survive the highly competitive daily life worldwide. These girls are the women of tomorrow, so it is better when they are equipped early in life than later struggling to meet the challenges of their later lives” added Mrs Aregbesola.
She commended the state government for taking giant steps towards ensuring qualitative living conditions for women and children in the state.
According to her, it is delightful that in the state of Osun, government is showing commitment to the overall development of children, especially the girl child through various sexual and reproductive health programmes, which include fighting against child labour, discouraging male child preference, inclusion of sexual education in school curricula and legislation against Female Genital Mutilation.
She then called on parents and teachers to dedicate more time to children and students to ensure effective communication with a view to assigning appropriate social responsibilities to the girls among their male counterpart.

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