Thursday, 15 March 2012


As part of the activities marking the 2012 International Women’s Day celebration,
wife of Ogun State Governor, Mrs. Olufunso Amosun empowered
some women in the state by giving them some items secured at prices lower than
the market rate with a 12-month interest-free repayment period, while some were
given distributorship rights in various companies.
Speaking in
Abeokuta at the occasion, Mrs. Amosun described the International Women's Day
as an “opportunity for global community to celebrate the contributions of women”
to families, communities and nations, adding that the day gave the womenfolk a
chance “to reflect on issues and challenges” facing women worldwide.
She said
the United Nations has adopted "Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and
Poverty" as the theme for this year, but Ogun State was celebrating with the
theme wife of Ogun State Governor,noting empowerment of women was vital in addressing
social, economic and political challenges in the state.
to her, “We have chosen this day to empower our women by giving them items like
sewing machines, grinding machines, freezers, generating sets, hair dryers and
among others to enable them establish a small scale business of their own with
a hope of generating income and improving their livelihoods. This is why we
believe that empowering our women will translate into an improved society,
because women play a key role in the quest for society's growth and
development. We also acknowledge the contribution of women to the peace and
security in our state.”
Mrs. Amosun
paid special tribute to those in rural areas, saying “we’ll continue to
identify with your cause and we shall always strive to improve your situation.” Track up OLUFUNSO AMOSUN 
wife of Ogun State Governor,

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