Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Catholics Celebrate Good Friday, April 6

Catholics Celebrate Good Friday, April 6
Good Friday, the day which commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, comes up on April 6, 2012.
It is the day Catholics and Christians in general celebrate the passion and death of Jesus Christ who was crucified on the cross of Calvary by the Jews, for the redemption of mankind, as stated in the Holy Bible.
According to the Director, Social Communications, Lagos Archdiocese, Very Rev. Msgr Gabriel Osu, “Good Friday is very symbolical for us Catholics because it is through the death of Christ that we are redeemed. Since the beginning of the Lenten season, we have been engaged in fasting and prayer of atonement for our sins in readiness for Easter. There cannot be Easter celebration without Good Friday. The death of Christ preceded his resurrection three days after, on Easter Sunday. Good Friday is also observed as a Holy day of obligation. The faithful are encouraged to observe the day with solemnity through fasting, repentance, meditation and abstinence and also engage in charitable works.”
Already, the federal government has declared the day a public holiday to enable the faithful perform their religious obligations. Most of the churches will be agog with worshippers who are expected to offer prayers of supplication to the Almighty. Many of them would also be reenacting the passion play of how Jesus was betrayed, tried by Pontius Pilate and eventually crucified.

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